Content Engagement Analytics

Easily discover how visitors engage with your content

Why is It Important to Analyze Content Engagement?

You put in a lot of effort in creating quality content, but if it doesn’t have high relevance for your audience (depending on the stage of the funnel), then all of that effort is wasted.

By measuring content engagement you can discover if your piece of content resonates with the audience it was intended for. Relevant content is also key for your Search Engine Optimization efforts, as well as for optimized customer journeys.


  • Hard to identify if the intended audience really engaged with your content
  • Vanity metrics like page views and time on page don’t give a full picture of real engagement
  • Complicated configuration while using other analytics tools to try extract engagement insights


  • Easy to identify the insights of whether intended audiences really engage with your content
  • Actionable metrics based on engagement signals that show you the full picture of interaction with content
  • Engagement signals are automatically configured to be measured and analyzed into valuable insights

Features That Enable Content Engagement Analytics

Every feature is built with ease of use and efficiency in mind

  • Automatic measurement of engagement indicators, displaying relevant insights
  • Categorization of engagement according to intent and interest
  • Correlation of context between target keywords and engagement across customer journeys
  • Scoring of blog posts for content marketing SEO optimization and updates
  • Surfacing the most engaging topics for further elaboration and repurposing of content
  • Analysis of best sources for engagement with specific pieces of content
  • Integration based on engagement for retargeting across search engines and display ads
  • Integration with content distribution sources like YouTube and Podcasts to identify engagement correlations
  • Content intent correlation based engagement with subsequent pages and CTAs

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