The story of AllFactors

Leading The Way

If you noticed, the AllFactors logo is actually a compass! A compass is an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction.

The compass logo represents All the Factors that are coming together and leading the way, that’s what we intend to do with our analytics software for marketers. Coincidently the logo also looks like a star. Which fits well with the narrative of a north star in leading the way.


  • Content marketers are lost on how users engage with their content
  • The engagement and conversion data is fragmented and you don’t know where to look, what exists and what doesn’t
  • Complicated features and too much time spent digging into the data to uncover insights


  • When you get lost you pick a map, a compass and you find your way. We are on a mission to be your compass in marketing analytics
  • A single pane of glass that makes it incredibly easy to discover insights and optimize ROI
  • A SaaS software that’s been crafted with the perspective of making things easy and simple, yet powerful

The Funnel Model

The structure of the funnel is a very useful framework to follow when you think about the overall strategy and tactics that you deploy in your digital marketing efforts. The funnel is the process prospects go through when discovering your product and company, all the way to when they become customers and advocates. At AllFactors we are following the funnel model in our software design. This makes it easy, intuitive and productive for marketers to utilize our software for achieving marketing goals.

When thinking about the funnel there are three main parts, Top of The Funnel (TOFU), Middle of The Funnel (MOFU), and Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU). The Top is the Awareness part where people first learn about you. The Middle is the consideration part where after people know about you, they come back to visit your site and you earn their trust. The Bottom of the funnel is when people and companies become customers and you need to delight and retain them. In every stage of the funnel content is the centerpiece, and that’s why we zoom in on it with the AllFactors software.

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