About us

The story of AllFactors

After founding 3 startups and working as a growth advisor for many other startups I realized that no matter their niche or their product, all of them shared the same struggle…

That struggle is not having a ‘finger on the pulse’ to know whether the business is growing (or not).

Simply because there was no clear way to track it.

We didn’t know what activities were really working or not.

We didn’t know how to consistently keep track and thus how to do more of what works.

Do we find the answers in Google analytics?
We get frustrated every time we dig to try find the simplest piece of insight.

Do we find it in our CRM?
While valuable, it doesn’t have enough detail to make marketing and growth decisions.

How about a CDP (Customer Data Platform)? What’s that? Seems too complicated. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We struggled to make smart marketing & growth decisions.

So I decided to build the solution. And that’s how AllFactors was born.

I recruited the best engineer I’ve ever met, Rob Palmer, to build it with me: a single source of truth to reliably collect growth & marketing data, analyze it, turn it into insights, and integrate with all your other systems, so you can finally have a ‘finger on the pulse’ of your startups’ growth.

Collecting reliable data starts from website analytics. So we started building that first. The automated no-code architecture for collecting events took some time to build (ahem 1.5 years), but it was worth every minute.

Because you know as well as I do how much time, energy and money we waste trying to figure it all out by ourselves. Now, neither of us has to. AllFactors does it for us.

I’m super excited for you to try AllFactors for your website & business. It’s going to change your life ;) Just like it changed mine.

Yours truly,

Helena Ronis

Co-founder and CEO at AllFactors

Leading The Way

The AllFactors logo is actually a compass! The instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction.
It represents All the Factors that are coming together to lead the way, that’s what we intend to do with our analytics software for you, we hope it helps you obtain that compass in your company growth.

For Entrepreneurs and Marketers

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re usually the first marketer and salesperson in your business. You need every help you can get to make it easier for you to understand what works and doesn’t work so you can quickly iterate and improve.

If you’re a marketer you will drive leads and pipeline of prospects and customers for the company you’re working for. There are so many things you’re doing that brings traffic to your website: SEO, content marketing, community outreach, ads, growth tactics, email marketing, and more. You’re probably also working with teammates and everyone has their own tasks.

Traffic and data comes with everyone’s effort, but it’s not easy to quickly understand what’s working and what needs to be improved. At AllFactors our mission is to make it easy for you and your team. So you can glean insights and drive results faster and easier than ever before.
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