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Data is The Backbone of Your Marketing

You have data in every step of your marketing activities, website traffic and visitors engagement. It can be hard and too time consuming to find meaningful insights in all of that data.

AllFactors makes it easy, delightful and SUPER insightful to identify patterns and meaningful information from analysis of the data, so you can reach your marketing goals FAST.

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Granular Marketing Funnel Analysis

Visualization of how site traffic is categorized into the stages of the marketing funnel, this will help you better recognize the intent of your audience. Which will focus your efforts on achieving your marketing goals easier and faster than ever.
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Content Engagement Analytics

Easily discover whether visitors read your blog posts, listen to audio or watch video, and how that engagement influences further on site journey and conversion. Our software will make it easier than ever for you to uncover those insights.
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Target Audience Segmentation

Understand if your target market audience is visiting your site and what new audiences you might have overlooked. We make it easy for you to uncover audience insights and do better targeting without doing any extra work or complicated setups.
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Customer Journey Insights

Easily analyze conversion paths to understand what resonates with your audience and what you need to change. Uncover what content on your site influences user journey and quickly see the signals that will help you optimize conversion paths.
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Marketing Channels Attribution

Discover which marketing channels contribute to your engagement and conversions. It can be hard to attribute data that’s collected across channels. We make it easy to uncover the insights by integrating with all channels.
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Unlock Collaboration Across Teams

Marketing insights should not sit in silos. Your executive team, product team, customer success and sales team need to also know the insights of how your target audience engages with you online. AllFactors unlocks that for you.
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