All-in-one Marketing Analytics
to Uncover Insights!

Automatically configures itself on your website to
measure button clicks, form submissions, media
plays, and on-page engagement.

    Your daily web & marketing analytics dashboard to drive strategy and growth for your business

    Engagement Insights

    Discover what pages are the most compelling on your website, what blog posts are read the most, and what drives the right type of engagement.

    • What pages have high engagement and should be promoted more! What pages have low engagement and need to be fixed...
    • Which sources and audience segments engage with your pages the most and the least, so you can know what type of audiences to target.
    • Discover SEO insights and quickly see for what keywords your pages rank, so you can optimize your content.

    Conversions Insights

    Easily and quickly see what CTAs are driving conversions on every page. Our software automatically configures itself on your website to measure every meaningful action to drive growth for your business.

    • Save time and money by seeing the full picture of all your button clicks, form submissions, video and audio play per page. Understand what truly drives conversions!
    • Discover the most successful journeys across pages that drive conversion goals for your business, so you can drive more traffic to go through those journeys.
    • See which sources drive conversions for each page, so you can double down on the high performing sources and fix the under performing ones.

    Branded Link Shortener

    No more messy spreadsheets for your UTM links. You’ll get your own branded link shortener tool to easily use the power of UTM tags and have all the links and clicks in one place.

    • Link tracking is important for the attribution of your marketing activities, it's going to become easy for you to create and organize those campaign links.
    • See which sources bring audience segments that engage the most and the least, on which pages, so you can understand your complete marketing funnel.
    • Understand user actions based on sources to double down on the best performing campaigns, share the insights across your marketing team to drive conversion-focused efforts.

    Marketing Attribution

    We solve the challenge of knowing what sources drive your goal conversions by giving you the tools to identify exact attribution from organic and paid channels!

    • Whether it's email marketing, traffic from a webinar, search, or visits from advertising, you'll have better attribution of where traffic comes from and the level of engagement from each source.
    • When it comes to the level of engagement from your campaigns, it's important to understand new and returning visitor engagement attribution based on the source that drove the traffic, we make it easy for you!

    Easily answer questions like:

    “What’s the connection between someone reading a blog post, watching a video or listening to audio and then later on converting?”

    “What is the content that’s helping users to convert on my website?”

    “In the past month, which piece of content has generated maximum traffic and conversions?”

    “Which page’s performance has gone up due to which activity?”

    “If I spend X amount of money on an advertisement, how many lead conversions can I get in total?”

    “Which CTAs are the most converting on my website, and which do I need to improve?”

    “Which sources drive traffic that has high engagement with my website and yield subsequent conversions?”

    “What can I do to increase engagement for underperforming pages and drive more traffic to high performing pages?”

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