Target Audience Segmentation

Uncover audiences and segments insights

Why is It Important to Know Your Audience and Segments?

Segmentation targeting and positioning are essential in every marketing strategy and marketing funnels, but a lot of times it’s hard to identify what audiences truly resonate with our messaging and content.

For that reason you want to be able to easily look at your data and immediately recognize what audiences engage with your content, and if engagement is lacking what you can improve. Or how you can do better targeting.


  • Time consuming data digging and manual analysis for understanding audience segments
  • High level metrics making segmentation less accurate and less useful
  • Fragmentation of audience data across different sources and channels


  • Easy data display and automated analysis to quickly understand audience segments
  • Granular segmentation metrics make insights about segments accurate and useful
  • Unified data from across sources and channels for an insightful holistic view of audiences and segments

Features That Enable Granular Audience Segmentation

Every feature is built with ease of use and efficiency in mind

  • Traffic and sources categorization to understand best audiences segments
  • Insights to help apply segmentation, targeting and positioning to digital communications
  • Correlation of audiences with search intent to visualize with the stages of the funnel
  • Segments and audiences targeting across distribution channels and ad platforms
  • Cross platform segmentation for email personalization based on audience behavior
  • Segmentation across content based on engagement signals and intents
  • Demographics and psychographics factors analysis in audience segments
  • Correlation with product positioning and relevant audience reach or lack of reach
  • Integration with your existing data sources for a holistic view of your segments and target market

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