Collaboration Across Marketing Teams

Marketing insights should not sit in silos, they should be available to all teams

Why is Marketing Collaboration Across Teams Important?

The insights that your marketing team collects are important learnings about your market, positioning, audience and segmentation.  

That’s the reason why your marketing insights need to be accessible across your organization, to your executive team, product team, customer success and sales team. They all need to know how your target audience engages online with your company, products, and content so they can have better information to make decisions.


  • Hard to extract marketing insights and share the information across teams
  • Inability to have effective cross functional data sharing with marketing
  • Difficulty to facilitate a collaborative process between team members and across departments


  • Easy to extract marketing insights and share them across teams
  • Accessible data for effective cross functional marketing team sharing
  • Simplicity in facilitating a collaborative process between team members and across departments

Features That Enable The Unlocking of Collaboration Across Teams

Every feature is built with ease of use and efficiency in mind

  • Collaboration on data insights and easy reporting functions accessible for any team member
  • Visibility into time based changes and improvements in performance
  • Syncing with product analytics tools for correlations with retention and cohort analysis data
  • Insights on what works from marketing perspective in increasing engagement and reducing churn
  • Data for incentivizing sharing, testimonials and customer evangelism
  • Integration with communication apps like Slack to increase data accessibility and speed of learning

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