Granular Marketing Funnel Analysis

Better recognize the intent of your audience

Why is It Important to Do a Granular Marketing Funnel Analysis?

When you can easily understand how your traffic fits in each stage of the funnel you can figure out which audience is tuned in and wants to learn more, which audience is ready for your offerings, and which audience needs more content and relevant education.

This allows you to create the best fitting pages, blog posts, diagrams, and the most timely content and offerings. Because the more relevancy you can create for every stage, the higher conversion you’ll experience.


  • Hard to tell how traffic data fits in every stage of the marketing funnel
  • Inability to easily and effectively visualize the stages of the marketing funnel
  • Difficulty to recognize the signals that move your audience segments down to the next stage of the funnel


  • Granular marketing funnel analysis and data categorization
  • Effective visualization of the stages of the funnel for easier evaluation
  • The easiest and fastest way to recognize the signals that move segments of your audience to the next stages of the funnel

Features That Enable Granular Marketing Funnel Analysis

Every feature is built with ease of use and efficiency in mind

  • Visualization of the marketing funnel stages for better understanding of overall traffic
  • Categorization of signals from your traffic to show how they fit every stage of the marketing funnel
  • Identification of signals from returning traffic that fits the converting stages
  • Easy to use sectioning of specific stages to plan marketing activities
  • Capturing signals from sources that otherwise are hard to measure like audio
  • Scoring of traffic for every stage to better optimize relevancy and conversions
  • Integration with your other data sources to create a holistic view of intents
  • Website flow optimization recommendations to achieve efficient conversions
  • Goal setting and analysis of multiple funnels across marketing initiatives

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